With the new year comes new fashion! Get ready for the hottest clothing trends of 2017…
Top 5 Fashion Trends of 2017

Top 5 Fashion Trends of 2017









1. Combination of Fabrics

Using two or more different fabrics in one piece is a new trend. We see athletic shirts that are stretch woven in the front and knit in the back. This designs allows for more flexibility and comfort, as well as a sleek, sporty look. A bit of spandex is sometimes added to women’s athletic wear for extra comfort.





2. Electric Heather

The fashion industry is all about that heather look. Heather is a subtle yet electrifying pattern that will bring a little more zing to your more casual attire. It is often found on tee shirts and sweatshirts.







3. A Little Less Collar

Collars on men’s work polos are becoming more narrow and less bulky, offering a more streamlined look. The same is true for women’s polos. In some women’s polos, the collars are removed altogether and replaced with a flattering y-neck line.





4. Mineral Freeze

The new sublimated mineral freeze print takes camo a step further. More obvious than heather, this print brings a wild, camo-like feel with just a dash of color. This is a pattern featured on shirts, sweatshirts and even hats!


5. Lite and Soft

A fashion trend we are finding often in 2017 is sweatshirts that are both lite enough to wear any time of the year, but still ultra-soft to provide a new layer of comfort. This is achieved by weaving three different types of yarn into the sweatshirt for maximum softness.