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With 10+ years experience in apparel production, we have a complete production supply chain and strict quality control process. We also have our own design team.

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Baseball Cap – Ready Made

Detail For OEM

  • 100% cotton baseball cap, breathable and comfortable. 
  • Customized your caps. For example: work cap, advertising cap, event cap, brand cap, etc.
  • Application: outdoor activities such as tourism, camping, hiking, skiing and rock climbing can be worn.
  • For customized baseball cap MOQ is 200pcs per color.

> 6 panel baseball cap

> 6 panel baseball cap AS03

> OEM Baseball Cap Case – (Customized)

Fishing hats/Bucket hats – Customization

Brief Introduction

  • Casual sun protection has never been this relaxed. – High quality bucket hats. Suitable for daily leisure life, such as walking, sightseeing, etc.
  • It is made of high quality cotton fabrics, soft and breathable, with high cost performance.
  • These high quality hats are perfect for embroidery, as they feature a nice open panel with no seams.
  • If you are ready to customized hats for your own brand, tell us what you idea and you will get your own hat in 30 days.

Production Scene

Splendidwear is a hat manufacturer with high-quality sewing staff and advanced equipment. It provides customized services of baseball cap and bucket hat for promotional events ,clothing brands, and corporate groups all over the world. And we also have ready made plain hats in stock, for those wholesalers or distributors to buy and ship back to local for processing or retail.

Meanwhile, we have over 10-year garment production and processing experience, we can customized the garments for your brand, events and teams.

Promise: Ensure that all goods are of high quality and meet the requirements of customers. Email us know in detail our commitment to product quality.

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