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With 10+ years experience in apparel production, we have a complete production supply chain and strict quality control process. We also have our own design team.

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Wholesale 300gsm Hoodie

>This hoodie not only with comfortable wear feeling, it also a sense of leisure. Fashion, relax, sport and leisure.

Hoodie Detail

Our clothing factory has been operating for 10+ years. It has high requirements for tailoring and sewing. In particular, men’s zipper hoodie production process needs to be more careful and attentive.

With 15 processes like fabric selection, paper pattern, cutting, sewing, sample, adjustment, etc. 15,000 needlework, make the product as perfect as we can.

High Quality Cotton

With best quality cotton as the main fabric, this hoodie is comfortable and breathable, uneasy pilling and good wearability.

Zipper Hoodie Feature:

1.300gms, sufficient weight.

2.Excellent color fastness, the color not easy to fade.
3.Good wearability, uneasy pilling.
4.Long washability, not easy to deform when machine wash.


Base on our standard product, some parts can be adjusted according to client’s request, for example, add embroidered or printing logo, or badge, or special pattern as needed.

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