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Functional Fabric Introduction And Selection

Super cotton product looks like cotton(visual), feels like cotton(touch), dressing up like cotton(affinity & comfort), use like cotton(wash and wear). This kind of fabric like cotton but with better performance, it combines many techniques like modified spinning, spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing in one.


Multifunction: cotton fiber has excellent accessibility, flexibility and warmth retention. It has excellent wearability, but it has problems with moisture conductivity dehumidification, waterproof, antifouling and mildew proof. The super cotton product fulfills the basic function index like softness, bulkiness, hydrophilicity, antistatic, anti-pilling and moisture regain, and the function index also can be strengthened according to client demand like antiseptic, flame retarded and anti-ultraviolet.


Application range: knitwear, sportswear, casual clothes, shirts, underwear, coat and other clothing products.

LYOCELL is a new environment-friendly fiber produced by Lenzing Co in Austria. It has been praised as “green fiber in twenty-first Century” by the international textile industry. The product has the characteristics of moisture absorption and breathability, silk handle, glossy fiber and strong wool.



Tencel A100: bright color, draping and dynamic, suitable for underwear, sweaters and clothing.


Tencel LF: soft, waxy sense, suitable for men’s underwear


UV Resistance Tencel: permanent UV protection suitable for outdoor clothes

Chitin Tencel: the perfect combination of tencel and chitin, antibacterial and skin protection


Application range: knitwear, sportswear, underwear, sweater and other clothing products.

Cuprammonium is extracted from the short villi of cottonseed in cotton. Bemberg is the name of the cupro products which produced from Asahi Kasei Corporation.


Multifunction: from natural and raw material, ventilation, comfortable and with silk luster.


Application range: knitwear, underwear and other clothing products.

Bamboo viscose fiber is a recycled cellulose fiber made of bamboo pulp, which is specially processed by patent technology


Multifunction: bacteriostasis and deodorization, hygroscopic and breathable

Application range: knitwear, casual clothes, shirts, underwear and other clothing products.

The main material of linen viscose fiber fabric is linen which known as green and environmentally-friendly. This is a new type of textile fiber developed by patent technology.


Multifunction: natural anti mite, air permeability and smoothness

Application range: knitwear, casual clothes, shirts, T-shirts, underwear and other clothing products.

Air conditioning fiber is a thermosensitive phase change material encapsulated in a microcapsule, which has the function of storing and releasing heat in the form of latent heat. In the temperature change, the solid-state liquid can be converted to each other, thus the effect of endothermic and exothermic heat can be obtained


Multifunction: two-way temperature adjustment, softness, and skin care.

Application range: knitwear, casual clothes, shirts, T-shirts, underwear and other clothing products.

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