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How about the processing ability?

With 10+ years experience in apparel production, we have a complete production supply chain and strict quality control process. We also have our own design team.

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We are a Chinese manufacturer and close to the largest fabric market in China. All the fabric we showed on the webpage only the small minority, if the fabric you seeking is on the list above, please contact us.


A wide variety of fabric, common fabrics are cotton, linen, silk, woolen, leather, chemical fiber, blending etc. Each of these fabrics has advantages and disadvantages, showing diversity.


With the continuous progress and development of the society, the demand for fabric is becoming higher and more and more rigorous. The development has brought about a series of functional clothing fabrics, such as wrinkle proof, anti-bacteria, radiation proof, quick dry, breathable, and so on. It has been popular with the public.

Eco-friendly fabrics

Hemp, wool, organic cotton, soy silk, bamboo fabrics, jute, corn fiber etc are considered as eco-friendly fabrics due to their availability from nature with out any harmful effects of chemical or toxics. Moreover, as compared to other synthetic fibers they are available in a cheaper rate.